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Explore latest buzzing stocks traded by top-ranked traders with market entry-exit levels. Watchlist the best trades to get real-time notifications or replicate them, it’s your choice!

Why Join Covesto?

Every Trader is Unique

Get a peek into experts' profile and their live market performance to learn different trading strategies. Create your own profile and get analysis on your trades, keep it private or show-off to the world.

Why Join Covesto?

Connect with your F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Trading doesn’t have to be boring when you can do it with your friends. Stay up-to-date with your friends’ stock market activities. Manage trades collaboratively and unlock the power of social investing.

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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Sunil Kotak
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Covesto is a social trading platform where one can follow top traders, view their real-time performance, replicate their trades and learn from them.
Every purchase and sale of a security/instrument is called as a trade. On Covesto, users can find trades with defined entry and exit levels making it easy for users to replicate them.
An upcoming trade is like an market order, to be executed in the future. Upcoming trades posted by experts are opportunities in the market as per the experts’ prediction. As the market price comes closer to the entry price of the trade, the trade goes live. Now, the trade will close only when the market price reaches either the target price or the stop loss.
Entry Price is the ideal market price to make an entry into a particular trade. Entry price is the buying price for a Buy trade and the selling price for a Sell trade. Exit price is the market price where exit can be taken from a particular trade. It can either be the Target price or the Stop loss. Exit price for a Buy trade is the selling price and Exit price for a Sell trade is the buying price.
Profit Potential is the percentage profit that can be earned from an upcoming trade if it is executed assuming it hits the target price. Current P&L represents the profit/loss percentage of a live trade as per the entry price and live market price. Realized P&L is the actual percentage profit/loss of a closed trade as per the entry and the exit price.
Duration for a trade is the expected timeline for a trade as per the expert. Intraday trades on Covesto are expected to close within one or two trading sessions. Swing trades are expected to close within a few weeks. Trades that last for months/years are called as Long term trades on Covesto.
Trailing stop loss is a stop order which is designed to protect profits if the price moves favourably. In a trailing stop loss order, the stop loss order moves unidirectionally by a specified percentage or price if the market moves in favour and does not change if the market moves unfavourably. A trailing stop loss order help to limit the losses and protect the unrealized profits without limiting the potential profits if the market moves favourably. We strongly recommend using trailing stop loss for day trading.
A group is a private community managed by the experts. However, any user can create a group and invite other members to join it. The upcoming trades posted on the groups by the admin will only be visible to the group members.
Use Covesto to find top experts and follow them. Users can also maintain their trading journal here by posting their own trades. Share them with friends or keep them private.
Covesto helps experts share trades and insights with their followers. We help our users to build a community if they don’t already have one. Just post trades before they happen in the market, like market orders, and leave the rest to us.
Tap on the 'Add Trade" button to post a new trade. Select your security along with the entry and exit levels in order to successfully post a trade.
Use the P&L field of a trade card to view performance of a trade. Since an upcoming trade is yet to be executed, the P&L field displays Profit Potential. The field changes to Current P&L for a live trade which show its Profit/Loss as per the live market price. Once the trade is closed, the P&L field changes to Realized P&L and shows profit or loss percentage as per the entry and exit of the past trade.
To use trailing stop loss order, add intermediate targets while posting a trade. As intermediate targets are achieved, the previous target acts as a stop loss to secure unrealised profits.
Accuracy is the percentage of closed trades by a trader that hit the target price. We use live market data to identify if the trades hit the target and stop loss and thus accuracy is calculated.
ROI is Return On Investment for every trade posted by a trader. We use paper trading to calculate ROI (i.e. Virtually execute all the closed trades of an expert with 1 lot to calculate ROI)
Click on the ‘Create New Group’ button on Home/ Profile page. Enter the required details and it’s done. To join a group, click on an existing group and tap on the ‘Join’ button on the group’s Description page.
As a beginner it is always hard to make profits and learn the best practices of trading. Covesto helps you to identify best opportunities posted by experts, execute the trades with discipline and provide analysis on your past trades to help you learn and grow. Covesto can also be used as a paper trading platform to place trades without putting real money.
Covesto can be used to maintain your trading journal. We provide analysis on your trades that will help you identify mistakes and learn the best practices of trading. In short, join Covesto and we will help you become an expert.
Finding followers in the stock market is a tough task, let alone building trust, managing the followers and finally teaching them to trade with discipline. By posting trades on Covesto, experts can focus on one thing they are surely good at - TRADING. We will handle the rest.